Tips to shop for perfect clothes from Big and Tall

Dressing well in whatever budget you have is an important skill. If you are a man of an average height, build, and structure, shopping isn’t that difficult. But if you happen to be in the category of persons who are not only well-built, but are also tall, things may get tricky.

But fret not. A little leg work and a bit of online browsing can lead you to exactly what you need. The pain of trekking from shop to shop, fruitlessly trying on clothes that don’t fit can be banished to a distant memory.

There are a few tricks you can use to make your online shopping experience worthwhile.

Do an online search
Do a simple search and shortlist the websites that have what you need. For instance, Big & Tall offers a range of sizes, up to 6XLT. They also can fit based on waist size. You can choose from their huge range of clothing and specify the size to get what you need.

They have shoes and other apparel suitable for someone who is both big and tall. So, an online search will set you on track and send you to what you are looking for.

Check the fit
One of the advantages of online shopping is that you have the chance to return the product. This means you can order many items, try them on in the comfort of your home, and aren’t bound to buy them.

Your clothes should flatter and fit comfortably. A long sleeved shirt should end at your wrists and your trousers should sit at your ankles. If shopping from a traditional shop, have a person go with you for second opinion. Your clothes should fit flat across your shoulders, skim over the waist, and sit snug around your hips. Improperly fitting clothes can make you look bigger than you are, or give you an awkward silhouette.

Choose bespoke tailoring
A little on the pricier side, bespoke tailoring is clothing heaven, especially if you are outside the ‘average’ build. You will be thoroughly measured, and clothes created to fit your shape. As well as fitting comfortably, this has the added bonus of the tailor being able to help you select flattering designs.

Wearing something that is especially designed for you can uplift your appearance. Invest in tailor made clothes to enhance positive features and minimise any negative problem areas.

Check for sales
If tailored clothing is outside your price range, sales can yield more budget-savvy alternatives. Do an online search, or sign up for promotional emails from specialty stores such as Big & Tall. Sales can have savings of up to 75%, so considerable savings can be made.

Follow these guidelines and find clothes that fit. Get them delivered to your door to try things on in the privacy and comfort of your home. Add variety to your wardrobe and express your style with confidence.

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